Island Dreams by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/13/2020

Strong chests bared to the afternoon sun
Here on this tropical island we’re having fun
The days are peaceful and heavenly long
Never do these beaches hear a winter’s song

The fruits grow year round without cages of glass
The environment perfect and made to last
The flowers endlessly blooming with nature’s divine task

The scent of the ocean and sounds that it makes
Fills lungs with pure air from our tropical escapes
The equatorial line makes it easy to know east from west
The stable climate really is the very best

We’d live shirtless and be muscled from farming fruit trees
Or even living life a lot more simply
Living off the land and swimming the clear shallow seas
Autumn never happening on islands such as these

At night we’d go to our humble beach home
Wrapped in tranquility for we’re finally home
Our dream island living that’s always this warm
This is the place wishes are born

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