Rogue of SilveryMoon

Karthiel Amastacia

I gazed at the Laughing Flow, a body of water southwest of Silvermoon. I grinned at the stupidity of its name. It had to be named in mockery of its true nature as it barely flowed. Possibly that was the reason it held a silent laugh in its title. It was a humid, dank and glorified swamp, I muttered silently into the wind.

The waters were still as I cupped my hands to take a questionable drink of the water before me. To thirsty to give it more than a passing thought. The stillness was eerie as not even the wind disturbed its face. Water was water, though, and it satisfied the thirst from my long journey. When the disturbance of the ripples fled farther apart and settled, I saw my reflection blur, then it cleared, and my bronzed skin started to take shape reflecting at me. This watery mirror as I kneeled at its shores showed a stranger’s face staring back at me, which had changed from its travels. There was a dangerous gleam in my eyes. My lips thin, and the points of my ears more defined as listening were part of my new found roguish trade. Violet hair braided on each side of my face pinning my now shoulder-length hair away from my face. As the water stilled further, the features of my half-elf face were more pronounced. The travels had been challenging, I thought, as I casually tied back the rest of my now long hair into a braid. I had some pink scars peppering my arms from conquests.

Reaching into my faded and worn leather tunic pockets, I retrieved some safflower oil. I was careful to check it wasn’t one of the many poisons I concocted from herbs on my journey to here. After verifying the contents, I applied the oil generously to my hair. I didn’t need escaping strands of my lengthy hair getting in the way of my stealthy travels to Waterdeep.

It’s a long journey still and full of dangers. Nothing, beast, or mortal has bested me yet through my numerous encounters. My reason for leaving my village was simple. As soon as I could think for myself, my gaze would always yearn for the distance beyond our land. I couldn’t remain in my parent’s small village north of Silvermoon. They kept pushing me to stop playing with my boyish natural affinities with the bow, daggers, and climbing trees. They pined for me to become more feminine. To find a suitor that would elevate our family’s station.
I wasn’t interested in any premeditated marriage arrangement. My parent’s farm work had made me toned and muscular. However, this journey by foot strengthened me even more. I found myself battling creatures that fine-tuned all my strengths and skills to who I am today. Many close calls, but I was apt enough never to fall.

Gone was the rebellious farm girl of my youth. My quest had hardened me. I left SilveryMoon seven months ago. Now I’m nearly eighteen summers old and determined to see the realms without spending my days at a farm. Or worse being auctioned by my parents into being nothing but a woman bred like a mare for some blacksmiths litters.

I heard there’s a need for heroes in Waterdeep. It’s the direction I’m heading. Rumors are there’s turmoil in that land, and at least I wouldn’t be bored. I filled my leather waterskins and stood up my full height. It was time to proceed. I’d go as far as I could on foot to the next village. Then most likely steal a horse and make haste. I’d find my way to Waterdeep. Write my own story. I’d shape my destiny. I’m Karthiel Amastacia, now a marginally experienced and travel hardened half-elf rogue, master of stealth and adventures, and quests awaited. My steps were soundless as I left the water’s edge and headed towards Waterdeep.

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