Soft Demands by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/12/2020

Don’t look away
You said real people always stayed
But you don’t feel and deep down know it’s me you wanted
My pages being torn from consistently being hunted
Yes I looked away
Apologies but obedience is easier this way
Reality bends backwards and vision sways

I gave you my back
Hunched over and shoulders slacked
Posture weeping for things I knew
Things people thought were best to do with you
They keep taking everything we have left away
It’s never truly what we wanted
Hush don’t be that way
In the end it’s my soul that’s haunted
Maybe never even justly wanted

I watch your body animate and it stings
Saw you tugging on those fettered strings
There’s nothing left to bind
Easier to walk away and face the whiplash of the rewind
As you’re now the distance barely felt behind.
I’ve always been organically tied to being this blind
My grandmother said it all by collecting tarnished dimes

Now look away
It’s necessary today
You said true people always stay
Your sketch lied that day
Is being this real not what you wanted
My revenge is queuing your turn to be just as haunted
Now that I’ve made you able to feel.
I briefly looked away
Came back though, disobedience the easier way
Hush now don’t cry, at least I stayed.
I still obeyed and guilty only of looking away

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