Resist Red Hatred by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/13/2020

These streets have memories
I’m not a stranger to it’s tragedies
I was that Lgbt homeless youth
Beaten and left behind with more than a bruise
Stop your ignorant right wing excuses
We all know what you continually do to us
We’d be more whole if it wasn’t for you
You’re a liar this fact is true

The rain cleans everything but our jeans
Stained old memories to break self esteem
Nothing seen on flatscreens is what it seems
You’re no sire, just an orange pathological liar
Even stuck to your story at caged children’s funeral pyres
These streets have terrible memories
We’re no longer strangers to it’s common tragedies

These streets hold all your forever tragedies
Every history points to repeating calamities
You point at them, us and never yourself
Your ideas are broken dusty books on Dictator’s aged and gilded shelfs
For there is nothing wrong with being seen
We thought this the land of the brave and the free

Do you see us now?
Swallow your own pride as we lay the grounds
It’s daffodils and teas when your straight or light
It’s detention centers, cages, the kkks if you’re brown or seeking asylum the human right
Trigger happy for tickets when the homeless don’t speed
Higher interests, less food and taxes for those in need

Yet then our votes mattered not
Lost by three million yet the orange is on top
Your cult is red and filled with hate
They’re next life be barred from heavens gates
You coined the phrase alternative facts
You destroy our rep in every world track

Now we’re tired and get up from the floors
The rain did cleanse us and showed what to adore
For you will never see us unprepared on streets again
We’ve found relief and been heaven sent
No need to worry our passions haven’t been spent

Years from now when you’re in the past
I’ll think of the streets where riots laughed
A million more to the capital’s gate
It’s time for us to cleanse ourselves of your hate

Do not feel sorry for our traumatic past
You’re like a bubble it pops and doesn’t last
These streets have memories
Epic walks, marches and tragedies
Yet you’ve not beaten us all or pushed us truly down
We’re standing resolute, fist up on solid ground

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