Square Shaped Box by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/15/2020

Surrounded by four walls
I can neither dance or fall
The walls are thin
However it doesn’t prevent you from coming in

I wish I was taller
A proud, secure and stable father
One with comfort enough to give
One with more love to live

Surrounded by a box
It’s not strange as we’ve tightened these locks
Keep the outside world in
While the thoughts live swirling within

I wish I was a baller
That infinitely wealthy shot caller
Whatever I wanted was easily and eagerly mine
It would be easy and enjoyed with sweet wine

Surrounded by four walls
Neither tall enough to dance or fall
So I sit here with knees bent
Wandering where all that money went

I wish you were strong
I’ve never been so wrong
You talk a loud and dangerous game
Some things never change

Surrounded by silence
My quick introverted violence
There’s no company to see
You’ve all gone to sleep without me

I wish I could sleep
Like the husband my heart keeps
Pillows of every size
Yet every night I barely close these eyes

Surrounded by four walls
Didn’t think I’d make it this far
Yet I’ve got to pull hard and make it through
For they put me here it was not you

WishIng on sunsets
It’s a Star even as no matter how it sets
I’ll take my increasing dues
Even held in this box with just you.

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