No Friend of Mine by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/16/2020

Even bathed in dirt you’re eyes are disarming
Rinsing out a washcloth to clean a dangerous one who’s so alarming
Some say you can read the story in striking eyes
I’m not that psychic not even if I tried
I’m just disarmed with each glancing sigh
Why do I have to socialize with this guy?

Cleaned you up no need to pose
There’s no denying thorns bushes bear roses
Would it hurt to see a genuine smile?
Less shallow, more optimistic as it’s been quite a while
I’ve scrubbed my hands pink till the water finally flowed clear
I’ve left your presence you can clean up the rest in there

Even with the pouting lips and vivid eyes
I never fall for your posing or striking lies
You’ve become an object, a model a long forgotten sigh.
There’s no room for flawed ones near you or by your side.
Perfection skin deep is how you abide.
I’ve taken to clean the brushes it’s time again to hide

People you meet fall head over heels for you
People you meet don’t know you the way I do
You soak up the attention and energy you get
Then leave them high and dry and penniless
I’ve enabled a monster who’s eyes once disarmed me
Now left with a mess and no reverie upon thee
It’s funny how your gone all hours of the night
Then come back days later itching for a fight

I’m not the same man who helped you then
I’m not some youth who for eyes my will bends
I’ve grown up to love myself even my scars
I’ve got my own place, garden and cars.
Your beauty will fade like everything does
My kindness isn’t skin deep it doesn’t fade away so easily
Thank you for showing me how not to be.
Thank you for proving what’s real and what’s only pretty to see.
Here’s a washcloth acquaintance go fend for yourself
I’ve got real friends roommate and I’m not by myself.

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