Stars Fall by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/17/2020

Stars fall light years from here.
It may be theory but there’s science to hear.
Ever wonder what sound a comet makes?
Would it tickle with harmony as it’s beats break?
That’s just me.
Gazing at the night sky constantly.

Stars fall just like Angels
Lucifer sung in all the octaves
He didn’t grow scales when he fell to earth
Angels are eternal for what it’s worth
Maybe stars fall closer than they appear
Instead of in the distance they land right here

I fall all the time
For lies and truths and everything behind
It doesn’t matter what you say
My life has always been drawn this way
Wishing at meteors
Just want us to be sweeter even nearer.

Stars fall light years from here
Their luminescence faded for several years
If it’s not true I’m all ears
Don’t you want to prove me wrong?
It’s like you get off from it and feel more strong
I could care less I’m fine and belong
I’ve got friends to tag along
No worries about being wrong

Stars fall just like Angels do
I’m not certain but scriptures say it’s true
I’m not a cynic my view is clear
It doesn’t matter as your token queer
Glad I’ve made it to everyone’s bucket lists
It’s not because they care it’s mock interests
To bad our struggles don’t equal a life
Instead we all just fall under the same skies

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