City Heights by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/17/2020

Even on a boulder the city isn’t very far
I’m near enough to be disturbed from sounds of pressing cars
I climb here to be utterly alone
Praying for divinity that’s never ever shown

Even from the hill top, the lights litter the ground
It’s taken hours to get here yet it takes seconds to fall on down
I’m not sure what I’m looking for as I stare up at the sky
Always burdened with life’s questions of why oh why we can’t fly

Steven was a friend of ours
He told me this tonight
And if you even know him best prepare for the divide
For as generic as the name would seem I alway choose his side
He’s an enemy of no one and I’ve never asked him why

Even climbing further to the point I touch the sky
I still observe less stars, each and every night
I wonder what life’s meaning is or who’s the what’s and why’s
But it the end our meeting is all about our sighs

How deep does the water have to be to drown in
I sit atop don’t worry I’m just pondering
You say an inch is enough it’s fine
It will hurt it’s no fine without some wine
That isn’t why I called you or invoked your name tonight
I’m just sitting on this boulder seeing city lights

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