Ascendency by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/20/2020

We all believe in something wether it’s science or the divine
We all live like we’re never running out of time.
For those amongst us that do indeed believe
We expect Angels to guard us from the very things that are unseen
Would it not be better to ascend beyond our forms?
Spouting wings and halos to fly high up and soar

The thing we believe in most ferociously is ourselves
We’ll do anything to preserve our own lives and avoid its numerous hells.
The ego is a mind state an affliction to our flight
It hates to be threaten and won’t give up even if it’s plainly in sight
What if I told you the ego is a lie?
That it’s the very reason so many people die.
Would you conquer it then?
If not now then when?

All of us believe in something, kind or even divine
Not knowing we can choose to be both for boundless and endless time
We’re completely able to achieve a selfless lasting peace
Conquering our minds afflictions with practice piece by piece
Once our mind is pure and yes diamond like pristine
The true nature of reality will finally be seen

I have a thing for Angels, Buddha’s and the Gods
It’s an aspiration many find very fanatically odd
Enlightenment seems impossible with how we live our lives
We made our environment so noisy there’s few places left to hide
Yet yogis are found in a cave, monastery or under the canopies of trees
They’re devout, ordained monks and nuns that reach mind’s ascendancy

Yes an easy way to sprout wings and fly is what we’d prefer best
Life doesn’t work that way so don’t already fail this test
To be an Angel, God or Buddha you’d have to give it all away
Everything that weighs you down prevents you from flying anyways
Consider contemplation a meditative equipoise
Find a way to silence the ego and it’s addictions, control and noise
Your mind can with diligence expand beyond time and space
Life is short though, better start now, it’s time to pick up the pace
If you don’t do it now it could very well be too late.

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