I have a thing for creating Aquarium Aquascapes that are full ecosystems. This Aquarium is 15 gallons and I’ve added LEDs for plant growth. Live plants, nutrition rich plant soil for substrate, dragon stone too! I cycled it with some cherry shrimp and guppy fry. The guppy fry will eventually be big enough to move to another tank. Yesterday I added five female bettas. They were added at same time. Now make bettas are solitary and can’t be together as they’d fight to the death. Even a male will eventually fight a female after its baby’s are born. However the female bettas are now beautiful and colorful. They’re still aggressive to each other but in time, with luck the betta female sorority will calm down and get along well. Especially as the plants grow. Creating more hiding places for them. The video was from yesterday night. You can see the larger ones give chase to other female bettas as it’s in their nature when first housed to seek dominance. Yet today marks day two and they’re getting along much better now that they’re discovering their favorite spots and have good food. With time this tank will be very lush and filled with plants. That’s when they’ll be the most happy and the system will be balanced. If there’s a meany alpha gal in there after a week I’ll take her out to another aquarium. For now though everything is settling. I like my aquatic gardening hobby it brings me peace. Life is beautiful and I’m happy to of released these fish from the tiny cups they lived in into a bigger beautiful and with time a more natural place

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