Fantasy’s Alchemy by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/21/2020

Time slows down for no one
Ask this of old or young
I write the stories of all my dreamed up travels
Before my memory unravels or is simply gone
Pay attention though I’ve only just begun

Magic is a prelude for everything we wished
Alchemy a reality as we mix what’s on your lists
Please transform this body into something truly otherworldly
A beautiful long lived paranormal being of complete and utter sorcery
I could then write my cleverest own spells
Live longer and avoid those dreamed up numerous hells

Time speeds up for everyone
Ask this of all but you’ve been told
Matters not, if you think yourself young or old
This is the most common tale that’s always told
Quickly get the ink ready and jot it all down
Eventually everyone forgets so record all aching sounds
No immortal being amongst us in this overcrowded town
Still if you could design one don’t ever let me down

Magic is what we’d love to swim in
Colors dazzling and powers true
Every spell ever enchanted would be for me and you
For our mundane world bores us every single fleeting day
We wish for wands, wizards and the fabled Fae
A world where dragons are not myths
A world people can fly through ancient mountain mists

I’m the ink on every story where plots are odd or strange
Where the everyday common is more than just mundane
My mind travels the eddies of imaginations to lands we’ve yet explored
Hidden in plain sight because we do love to abashedly ignore
Take my tales and make them real for this I hope and pray
To live a life full of arcane magics and no longer be this way

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