Manic Needs for Privacy & Why Skipping a dose Sucks!

Are you not tired of social media, applications, software, internet companies, and email accounts using your data without paying you? I certainly am.

I know my PTSD, Bi-polar, Anxiety issues probably created this manic episode today because I did not take my medicine last night. I installed VPNs on all my devices. Manically. Seriously everything even my streaming device. Go into your phone settings. Every app wants you to share location or even Bluetooth access. That’s ridiculous. We’re slowly turning into a surveillance Sense 8 society. Ring doorbell’s videos share their data with police. Your banking apps are tracking you. Amazon is using everything it hears on Echos to listen and target specific adds to you so you can be a pretty good consumer.

Why did I go on this panic-induced mania of going all out on privacy? Well, for one I couldn’t take my medicine last night. Literally couldn’t take it. I follow directions. I’m responsible like that. I couldn’t take my dose because it says do not mix with alcohol. Tonight I’ll take it because I won’t drink even at next get together, and that’s not for a while. Even then I don’t think I’m going to drink again after a fast, as late as last time, but we were at a friend’s house playing Jenga, eating food and we hadn’t seen our friends in a long time.  We can be responsible no matter the cost. Uber, eat, hydrate, not mix meds with alcohol, etc.

It’s something you need to choose. You are giving up your casual glass of wine with your buddies so that you can be balanced and take your meds. Or you are reducing the intake to one glass instead of two. A glass is fine, but two and you’re going to have alcohol in your system for a long while. You must wait for the alcohol to be out of your system before taking most medicines. Please keep that in mind.

It’s important to pay attention and be mindful. I’m not saying stop drinking, and well, let me amend that. If you’re an alcoholic, stop drinking and seek help. Also, tell your doctor if you take medicines that can have adverse effects when mixed with your habits. If you’re not an alcoholic, like me, who can go for weeks, months, and even years without a sip, then you’re okay. Just be responsible. Don’t mix it with incompatible medications. You may have a glass of wine. Just remember if you choose that second glass, you need to wait almost a whole day or at minimum four-six hours before you can take your medicines. It sucks yes, I know, but the consequences are horrible when you miss a dose or worse mix that dose with alcohol. Something I will not do, and neither should you! We are seeking help from medical professionals. Listen to them! Heck, listen to what the bottle says.

 Yesterday was a special occasion. I chose to enjoy some glasses of wine with kind people hosting my husband and me. However, I feel the effects of missing a dose. I’m shaky, and my hands are trembling, and my mind is a scattered mess. I’ll meditate in a bit and do some mindful breathing. It’s also the next day I’ve hydrated, and alcohol isn’t currently in my system. Yet missing one medicine for my PTSD made me manic today. I channeled my obsessive-compulsive behavior into tackling online privacy but still. That paranoia? That sudden need to do it all super-fast, flying from one device to the next to install VPNs and secure my privacy settings were manic! If I had had my dose, I would have instead done all this calmly, patiently, and at ease. Yup, that was because of the manic mania, invoked by missing a dose.

Here is the gist of it. Is it worth it? Is missing a dose worth your peace and balance? It is not. The consequences are not ideal. I think it is fine because I did the right and responsible thing and didn’t mix meds with alcohol. I followed directions. Yet if alcohol is going to cause us to miss doses, we need to take. That is not worth it. Either way, it clouds the mind any intoxicant legal or not clouds our minds.

What is the plan then? When you identify an issue, then you can take steps to resolve it. I’m giving up alcohol. It’s very easy for me. Especially since I only drank on social occasions. As an introvert socializing in person doesn’t happen often. Perks of this are I can take my medicine as directed without skipping a dose. Also, since alcohol is sugar will lose some weight. Win, win, right?

Now, as far as privacy is concerned. The more popular you get on social media, websites, etc. You’ll want to invest in protections like a VPN. Also, consider going into your computer, tablet, phone, and turning off all locations and Bluetooth tracking on everything that doesn’t need it. Facebook doesn’t need it. Your bank app doesn’t need it. Be smart. Be a ghost to your internet service provider, and take control of your life. Stop letting companies make money at the expense of your privacy and your smart-devices photos, location, or content.

Anyways its time to meditate and have a good cup of chamomile tea and some healthy food before that. I wish you all well, and thanks for reading my long manic rant. I hope it made sense.

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