No Dark Judgments by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/22/2020

Black on black and they think you’ve got the worst intentions
They judge your magic as dark and decline your invitations
I see through the shadows that color your garb
I witness the calm and serenity you wear as a guard
I know your worth more than the clothes that you wear
I see a kindness inside you, in your poise and I care

Painted with charcoal and dark grays
I don’t understand why they don’t see the beauty in your ways
A confidence as strong as your muscled arms
A magic so potent it leaves all disarmed
I’m not scared or frightened in the least
I’ll welcome you adventurer, tell me your tales don’t leave
I’ve always been fascinated by things in the night
Magic doesn’t seem dark it seems more like light

As people color you with their mistaken thoughts
My advice is to ignore them they’re not worth a tear.
They judge what they don’t understand but I have no fear
I’ll take that hand you extend to me so well
I’ll follow you into the forest and under your spell
For you’re a being of beauty and magic is all
I know with you I’ll have adventures and not fall

Black on black and they judge your presence
They’ve got clouded vision and lack kind sentience
I’m am not the same as they
I’ll take that hand lead the way
I’ve always followed what my heart says to me
So yes let’s embrace each other’s company
After all an elf like you has to have a great destiny

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