Drowning Down by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/27/2020

I jumped in to water freezing cold
Let all the air out to sink like a stone
I worry not if I reach the bottom
Drowning doesn’t seem to be a bother
There’s a quiet in this water so dark and deep
I’m already wet my eyes don’t sting or weep
When I finally reach the silt covered floor
I stare at the expanse, the void and want more

My lungs ache the for the need to inhale air
If only my body was fitter and let me stay longer down there
I push off with my feet propelling myself quickly up
Break the surface and gasped as the air is no longer wet or stuck
Floating weightlessly the waters have this calm
I watch the sun come greeting the dawn
In the void the silence was true and freeing
I wasn’t meaning to drown just simply dreaming

This is not the very best way to go
It’s just how I feel when I let my words flow
I find myself drowned in overwhelming regret
Blessed with a mind that easily forgets
I sink inside myself to find sweet peace
But everything’s bombarding me my mind isn’t at ease
I write thousands of words each and every day
Creating stories I plan to all publish I say

I climb back up to the cliff near the shores of the lake
I plunged back in where the waves swell and break
As always I exhale letting the silence claim me
I sink to the bottom where not even others can find me
The pressure intense when you’re down so deep
But the silence is worth it I think as it’s needed to sleep
Launching myself back up to the shore
I shake my hair out to climb and explore

I’d share all my thoughts if I felt they were sound
But it wouldn’t be fair if they dragged you down and you drowned
In the silence and comfort of the deepest water
I find the peace from my thoughts, mom and father
I write thousands of words there here to stay
One day people will read my stories just not today

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