Long Distance Affection by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/28/2020

A river of thoughts they run through our heads
Everything is right until it’s beats outside of our heart beats instead
People dance around the irrevocable truth
Thinking I’m nuts for believing in things above
I want to be real, less fake, and see peaces’ doves

I’m a reality than no one can truly see
It’s hard to be around others and be simply me
I feel no one understands us but we remaian being true
I’m every part of me is loyal to every part of you
Don’t think this involves others for they I don’t see.
This is all about the trust, faith and respect for me
Maybe even a deep word short like yes “we”

We don’t love the distance but it’s full of our memories
Dreams, fantasies even catastrophes
Anything is possible heck we both showed it isn’t a possibility
To love from a me south or north or far
My heart been true and things have been hard
It doesn’t matter our faith it matters are love

The ultimate is confused so often for relative truths
People live to tell us what’s right and what’s you
I don’t believe what’s in our friends opinions
It matters not when we’re both in stories never ending

I look down south you’re states away from me
And distance does nothing to deter me from thee
It matters not how you feel about your reflection
It’s all egos and tired perceptions
I see you for what you truly are
Beautiful and honest, It doesn’t matter how close or how far

When I close my eyes or hang with my friends
I’m proud to show them my commitment to never ends
It matters not wether you think this is true or about even me or you
It matters yes that you will it to be
That you think of me like I do very fondly

In the lonestar state that’s miles away
Remember I’m honest and always this way
I speak to you and share photos of truth
Because I want to be with you and all of it I choose

So your far away at this tired very moment
Distance is relative though and not the ultimate
Just look in your heart and you’ll find me there
I’m never going to leave from in there.
So think of me even time zones away
Remember I’m here and I want you to stay
Know your words and distance mean nothing to me
I can see the relative, the future, and one day reunite with thee.

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