Internal Dangers by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/29/2020

There’s a danger coiling up in waves inside of me
The tension and pressure builds where none can see
People love to quantify things with math and sciences
I’d rather judge life based not on words but experiences

There’s a knotted coiled rope strangling my heart
It’s not conductive, it’s electric, a struggle so smart
My heart filled with palpitations that make me kneel down
Taking all of my energy and peace on my ways to ground

There’s a danger boiling and begging to be free
It may live in all of us but mine brings me to my knees
On the outside they see a calm sense of kindness
Even a wise man hides truly his well hidden madness

There’s a struggle inside this mind of mine
I show everyone wins and victories most of the time
There isn’t a mundane thing that helps or cures
For all of my hurts make me dirty and not pure

There’s a danger, an anger, coiling inside of me.
Tensions so ready it may very well break free
When the bombs in my mind spark and ignite
Then you’ll wish for the safety of solitude everywhere in sight

No I don’t hate people the complete opposite is true
I’ve just been damaged by family, friends and strangers through and through
It doesn’t matter, believe your own thoughts and think what you’d like.
I’m just saying there’s a danger inside me wishing I was alone at night.

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