Ignored Solace by Alejandro N. Marrero 3/6/2020

I’m the silent one that never ignores
I never message when only bored
My effort to see everyone is because I need help
Yet everyone pretends the ding wasn’t felt

I’m comfortable in silence it isn’t a test
My minds full of quiet violence it never does rest
When I reach out for company it’s because I need you
Yet no one responded when I needed them too

I’m my own worst enemy because I’ve been on the line
I’ve never broken promises I do my best not to lie
I always read everything that they or you sent
It doesn’t matter from who, where or when’s convenient

I’m the one always there like the guy on the cross
Carrying the burdens of those who don’t respond
I try and fill the space with the solace of silence
Yet when ignored my head stirs up violence

When I reach out I’m polite and my empathy is true
Yet it’s not convenient not now not with any of you
It matters not how quickly I come when summoned
In the end I chase friends when my heart’s broken all of a sudden

How quickly they forget that your not the same inside
How easy your made a conveniences sigh
I don’t like the night I live more for the day
Even if your late it’s quieter this way

I’m the friend that’s always there when you call
It doesn’t matter when, where or how far.
I’ll show up no matter what state I’m in
Because I cherish being needed every now and then

This month was a test I set for myself
To see who was true and not dusty shelves
I found out a lot about me and the rest
I hate being ignored when kindness is best

My calls go unanswered my hearts a mess
That’s all for your convenience enjoy your sweet rest

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