Virus by Alejandro N. Marrero 3/15/2020

Your an invisible threat
One we’re not prepared for
You quarantine us from our friends
And threaten us and our grandparents
We thought we were safe and truly sound
Yet no solution has ever been found
We question each sneeze and cough
Worry of what it is or it’s not

You’re growing in size
Now a pandemic to the knowledged and wise
We hoard our goods inside our homes
Hoping introversion isn’t poverty’s shores
How will we work with the kids no longer at school?
How can we do anything but pretend it’s all cool?

The city’s stopped running it used to be fast
Now a virus threatens us and it’s quiet at last
Yet this silence only exists in the streets
At home unprepared the poor have nothing to eat
This pandemic is real and now there’s a military curfew
Liberties and medicines only available for the rich of you

You’re a contagious invisible threat
You conquer everyone with coughs and droplets
You spread your wings wide to cover us all
Matters not how clean or how effing far
You’ve become a cold a flu and quarantine
Yet no vaccine is ready or yet to be seen

So stay home and isolate yourself from everyone
It’s what they say even if it’s never fun
Pray for a cure from the ones in charge
Hope that they’d stop arguing and agree on the cause
For while they bicker we sneeze and get sick
It’s time for them to find solutions and get with it

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