Last night I had a vivid nightmare than my grandmother was being taken to hospital by my mom. I in the dream begged her not to enter the hospital because of Covid19 and was hysterical.

When I woke up I told my husband immediately because he has good memory.

My grandmother just got taken to the hospital by my aunt and mother via ambulance. My aunt and mother followed by car. They wouldn’t let my mom enter the hospital so she’s just waiting in her car for news.

This dream I woke up from this morning this evening came true.

I’m scared I live thousands of miles away. There’s no traveling down there allowed. This is nuts.

I’m praying everything will be alright but I’m worried.

No I don’t want to be touched, consoled or anyone’s pity or sympathy. I just want this nightmare to not be real and it is.

I pray Medicine Buddha saves us all.

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