Sun on our Back 3/31/2020 by Alejandro N. Marrero

With the sun on our backs the shivers fled us quick
The rays and sunbeams warm and potently thick
With a hot sun behind us shade is present in our eyes
Allows us to escape migraines, pains and tired, tired sighs

With the clouds soaring above our heads
We count minutes not hours instead
For the moment it finally rains the seeds we sowed are fed
For the moment sustaining wet falls like blessings for garden beds

With the ground clearly in our view
I till it up, weed, and sow plants with all of you
Our yard work to ground us from our global anxieties
Farming, gardening the new kind of social distancing therapies

When the weather is bleak, cold or uncomfortable outside
We sit, stand or lay inside for shelters are where we hide
Surrounded by things we really know
We’re anxious but clever so it hardly shows

With a virus spreading around the world
We have fear, anxiety and this is just from what we’re told
Each day numbers rise at least this is what we’re sold.
People now are staying in place
Hoping to still have friends or family at the end of this awful race

With the sun warming us against our backs
The chills of winter are lost in the past
Spring greenery starts anew
Like we knew it always would
Distracting us while we’re caged inside fences made of wood

There’s a pandemic we’re all trying to avoid
Everyday holed up at home we yearn and search for joys
Like that warm sun overhead or on our backs
We want the world to give us a cure it still lacks
One day this will end and we hope this time it lasts to the very end

The sun rises and sets so too will we pass this with hopefully no regrets

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