Drawing by John Mackel

Awakening Dreams by Alejandro N. Marrero 4/1/2020

I try everyday to do most everything right
Each and every single short or long night
I watch you come in and I’m already awake but tucked in
You turn around and fall asleep in an instant
I stay awake reading for need and gracious peaceful insistence

Vivid, horrible, polluted long dreams they wake me so horribly
The turmoil inside my head has me praying a plea
A wish so genuine filled with truth for peace and tranquillity
Or at least grant me fair conditions to be free and sleep

I wake up it’s dark and the clock says I’ve not slept
There’s hours to go till you wake, it hasn’t happened yet
I lay in bed with tea and the glow of my phone
Listening to birds sing hours before your alarm sings it’s tones

It’s awful to have Dreams you’re scared of
It’s horrible to be the sum of the parts we’re made of
Yet it’s torture to feign energy without sleep
It’s horrible to watch the world sleep around you so deep

The day has come and there’s much to be done
Still exhausted and tired from insomnia’s stun
Immobilized on a metaphorical gas tank running on empty
I pray one day for the sleep to finally find or bless me

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