Lone Wolves by Alejandro N. Marrero 4/7/2020

When I’m sad it feels I’m different than everyone else
Where others pine for company I want to be by myself
My shadow the only remedy for me
Solitude and sadness is a cure and sets my soul free

The day is better when I don’t force a smile
When I can be the lone wolf for even just a little while
Where people don’t ask me ‘What is wrong?’
Instead they leave me be to drift away and learn to be strong.

My ears don’t appreciate a lot of noise
I hear the whispers in every distant melancholic choice
Yes, I understand that people love to show how they care
I’m wired differently though, those methods don’t work for me beware

When I’m upset I don’t always recognize it so quickly
It builds and builds and consumes me up swiftly
I turn my thoughts inside even when my mind screams to run
I don’t want company when silence is worth my sum

I try often to reach out to people on every other hill
Little calls or texts to show them I have love for them I will
Yet near or far it matters not who I’ve called.
For I’m always texted but never truly been allowed to talk.

When my mind is weighed with heavy and all consuming sadness
I prefer solitude to fight the approaching moonlit madness
Yet people come and ask again ‘What’s wrong?’
They’ve yet to learn the lone wolf isn’t broken it’s strong.

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