Escape to Stay by Alejandro N. Marrero 4/10/2020

Walk away it’s what you always dream and rave about
It’s not giving up it’s freedom and as we escape the cascading inner shouts
The distance so far we walk through corridors of shadows
They’d be unpleasant and suffocating if we weren’t so well hollowed

Don’t turn back we know your again on your way
You always run without stopping each and every single day
It’s never enough our silence, words or thoughts
They always leave as I’ve never been enough

Walk away into the pervasive darkness
You’re not alone there even in the moonlit stark
I can feel that bitter, great, and high divide
It shakes everyone and makes them run quickly and hide

Leaving is something you’re always dreaming about
There’s nothing to deny as we can read it without your muffled shouts
Clever how some fear the quiet or even the dark
I don’t because I’m staying here, I was only taking a walk

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