Rain Drops by Alejandro N. Marrero 4/13/2020

Looking down a reflective puddle at my tired and aching feet’s
I’d bow down now but my knees would get wet and I don’t practice what you preach
I see those ripples change the once still and perfect wet of surface glass
Knowing it was rain drops and with rings just briefly marking its transient pass

Below my glances down beyond my comforting and leather dry seats
It’s better to pretend or feign happiness if it brings another’s peace
Time slows down when you count the space between rain drops
Ripples fade constantly from seasonal mirrors until that wet stops

I pull my gaze away from the ground, I do it quickly without the feigning sound
My neck craned up my back so arched, I said I’d finish or else why would I start?
The view below reflects the skies beyond the distance of way above
It matters not when the waving thoughts never fail to stop the relentless flood

I reach into my pocket I’ve stood up rigid, right and my tired fight has finally left me
Feeling rains sadness reverse to no longer plague us and set our mind’s free
A twisted grasping at puddles here this way and even over way over there
It doesn’t matter if your building good intentions or stocking bricks of dark in here

Now look forward and walk away from thinking of future’s inevitable calamities
No sense attracting the wrong kind of chaotic pleasantries
I’d bow down now but I’ve told you all once before that I don’t practice what I preach
After all it was just a silly wet puddle with two raindrops that went under me.

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