Lanced in Dreams by Alejandro N. Marrero 4/14/2020

I’ve been lanced by turbulent fear into my very clear and vivid dreams
I wake up suddenly gasping, vision clears and recognized it as a nightmare tears the scenes.
Why must my brief journeys with eyelids closed bring me such disabling insanity?
Why can’t my visions be warm, pleasant and beautiful instead of absolute tragedies?
Please at least take them away, I can’t stomach more of these soiled or abundant memories.

My head now hurts, the birds pierce my ears with their shrills and early songs in these days of spring
They don’t care if your last to sleep then first to rise as long as they can continue to sing
My vision is still blurred, my headache renewed in vigor at its crescendo and peaked
I’m left wondering why I wander the world in my head in the day and do the same darkly at night without speech.
Please blanket my mind in a remedy of quiet, a void and thought sundering scream-less diet

I’ve been speared with unpleasantness inside my own too fast beating heart
It’s not fair, I’ve barely slept horrible mental cinemas wake me up with a start
The bed isn’t comfortable, it’s small, too soft, but it’s where I like to lay all day and hide
Mainly because it’s the warmest place to read, watch our aquarium and silence the sighs.
I’ve got doors on every room of this large epic house.
Please keep the pet hair out and never ever scream or shout

I’ve been summoned to wakefulness with a pane lanced into my head
All while gasping from maddening tales that happen when I dare close my eyes in this bed
I journey through turbulent waves on oceans, heartbreak, loss or world ending apocalyptic scenes.
Please let me wake up or better yet give me peace not interrupted or corrupted by bad insomniac dreams.

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