Cleansed by Rain by Alejandro N. Marrero 4/18/2020

Rain a cleansing source from high up in the clouds
Wash away the dried tears we constantly hold back or shroud
Grant us a blissful and well deserved peace
Find us a circumstance, a present, a moment of true ease

We don’t have much but there are others who have less
This isn’t rhetorical it’s true and while we’re all trapped or restless I wonder who will clothe the unfortunate rest of us
I have this mind that’s usually dwelling in the middle of both illusionary sides
Things I keep hidden inside because behind veils is better to stay quiet than spread lies

Rain can quench the thirst of a garden, river or streams
It can make everything wet even when it’s not wanted to be seen
Here I am and oh how I was looking forward to a sunny day
That’s fine though a little wet won’t steal my thunder and I’ll find my own way

People love to talk about The Who’s, When’s and What’s
Always exaggerating or guessing without much hesitation or even mindful thoughts
If only they’d look inside of every you and every me
They’d observe we’re all different and yet the same you see

Rain drops cascade from heavy clouds set to bursting
They cleanse our land, feed our plants or anything thirsting
We see the wet and worry about it’s discomfort and this may be true
I worry not because we’ve got an umbrella and it’s me and you

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