Photo by Simone Favale

Shadow Ninjas by Alejandro N. Marrero 4/26/2020

Fingers steepled and I see you clearly in the graceful shadows
Ten light touches that can definitely make you scream or worse feel that hollow
I’ve never needed a reason to hide my face or smiles
It’s a default setting something we all get used to after just a little while

I don’t sit back but if you want illl let you take all the credit
I know my worth even if you still don’t really or genuinely get it
Writing is my kung-fu and I’m im a Jedi with the stylus pen
If you think it’s arrogance I’ll still watch shrouded in the dark from now until then

We may be individuals of a different tailor or quiet real life sort
It’s not rhymes I sell but your come ons are finding themselves definitively short
I loathe the unproductive but I’m fairly guilty of the similar procrastination
I want the busy, hectic and the calm in every one of my machinations

Fingers steepled and we see everyone clearly from the ever long and reaching shadows
Several hard touches that can make you scream or feel us to the marrow
We’ve never needed a clever reason to hide our faces or wicked smiles
It’s a default setting something you should get used to after all it’s been just over awhile

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