Falling Fast by Alejandro N. Marrero 5/5/2020

Have you ever wondered how fast the human body skydiving off a plane drops or flies?
Have you considered how wingless we truly are if the parachutes fail and we die?
We have this ability to do so much good in our impermanent and speedy lives
Yet me risk making it shorter every time we spend wrongly or worse tell lies.

I’m no celestial being that can with a flap of my wings stop fearing the hard ground
I’ve got no wings at all and my tethers are always lying somewhere around
You knock on my doors and say your little interruption or solicitation can save me.
What I see when I answer the doors is people so far from being truly free.

I was an infant, a teen, and now as you know I’m an adult
It happened so quickly, years taken without mysteries that are all my fault
I look at the sky just as much as I look at gardens and distracting escapes
It’s not fair to have everything you love but understand why people find ways to throw hates

I can imagine what falling is like, no matter what speed or height
It didn’t take previous calculations, seeing, experiencing or some internal fright
My days have started to take their toll on a weathered and unstable me
Even with the ups and downs it feels I’m never quite completely or swiftly totally at ease

I’ll fall down all the way for a smile from you
Just remember you’ve not fallen yet like I repeatedly and everlastingly do

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