Fade To Black by Alejandro N. Marrero 5/10/2020

My frustration grows in random heaps that tower higher throughout the day
I want the quarantine and virus to end so we can return to our nomadic ways
I’m tired of being exhausted by the lack of quiet requirements for ‘me’ time
It’s imperative I’m left alone so I can recharge, work and most importantly unwind

It doesn’t matter that each day is pivotally different than the prior ones or the last
There’s no way to predict things anymore not even based on the seemingly repeating past
I’d love to build a crystal dome around my home and then ef it my entire damn self
Then maybe I’d not worry about allergies or people or even myself

It’s insufferable those that don’t let others sometimes simply be
Some of us are depressed, introverted or just so damn lost and angry
If I could wish for things they’d all involve playing and winning the lottery
This way I can create things, safe places and be looked at with less mockery

Let me fade to black I’m tired of being tired an eternally adult life view
Has everything to do with people though or maybe chemicals, it’s not specifically you
I’ve tried the easy route of being kind, compassionate and above all silent
Yet with so many people making noise and no true cocoon I feel a coming violence

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