Meditation Space by Alejandro N. Marrero 5/11/2020

This humble tiny spot in my room I’ve begun the path to peace
Where I can sit down comfortably and meditate to put my mind at ease
We cannot leave our homes so Buddhist teachings are on zoom or Facebook live
It matters not to me as long as I’m able to still my mind whilst I’m alive

I’ve created a sacred space inside my introverted cave or very home
A place that stills my breathing with mindfulness and mantras taught or shown
My thoughts before I’m seated are like a raging waterfall and easily observed
Though as I meditate more and more it calms my mind which is well deserved

There’s simplicity in following the ethics that bring us a lasting peace
We must generate altruism, kindness, compassion and goal for a mind set eternally free
With practice on the daily or even more a gentle, calm, quiet or kind heart
We’ll cross the shores of Samsara or at least be off to a promising great start

This tiny spot inside my home I’ve dedicated to prayers and virtuous meditations
It’s a simplistic routine to guide my mind away from anxiety to blissful contemplation
It matters not if you’re a Buddhist or follow the same path or practice this way
What matters is that you set time for yourself to meditate, heal, and benefit others everyday.

This spot I’ve made sacred to sit and walk the mental path of everlasting peace
Even if we’re near or far, you’re welcome to meditate and put your minds at ease

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