Life’s Insistence by Alejandro N. Marrero 5/13/2020

We all end up dying no matter how hard we try not to think about it
Come to terms with the fact each day is not guaranteed even if desperately wanted
I used to fear the end of times or the darker shadowy recesses of my mind
Now I realize darkness is so weak because with the flip of a match it dies in the shine

Behind all our perfumes, clothes, jewelry and even hair or skin is a skeleton so similar to everyone else’s
Thinking about it may be dangerous for others, I instead find it humbling and without sin just opportune chances.
We try and aspire to make ourselves immortal and beautiful like it’s what matters the most
We workout, do good things ideally and pretend real hard we won’t age eventually into a ghost

I’m at that stage in my life where almost everyone is questioning their existence
Not to cut it short mind you, but to find meaning, purpose, strength and lively significance
My hair has grays even if it’s mostly brunettes and over processed lighter dyes
Yet with months without salons open I question the meanings of life or what happens after we die.

I have this theory that almost everyone I meet is ninety percent fake
They weaponized, religion, words, actions, thoughts and point out everyone’s naturally occurring mistakes
I don’t want to be as cruel as those people or the past that takes more from me than it ever gives
I’d just appreciate some silence, peace and mental releases from what little time we all have to live

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