Locked Inside by Alejandro N. Marrero 5/19/2020

We’re locked inside by rules and guidelines jailed to avoid dire consequences
It’s been only a few months but near a hundred thousand people’s fatalities weigh heavily in our countries consciousness
We know what’s best for all the rest is to remain in proper decontaminated distance
This doesn’t matter to everyone as some rather have dollars than breath and show extreme resistance

Locked inside our homes and neighborhoods glued to the news and global costs of this pandemic
Believe me it isn’t just the sickness or death of others that matters it boils down to simple, fiscal and necessary economics
I find myself looking out my window often especially during the eerily quiet work from home for everyone kind of day
At least for the ones who can, the others just play video games, look for work or more often simply don’t get paid.
No cars going anywhere and even foxes now walk the roads their worries of traffic now gone.
How did things collapse so quickly and what will be there be left after so long?

The disease seems to be the cure but only if you survive it according to some news casts
Yet that’s a coin toss most of us don’t have the stomach for even in deep and isolated forests
We’ve tried to be patient and wait or trust for things to sort themselves out
Yet months have passed and so have many and there’s really no one who knows what their talking about.
Still this house arrest or shelter in place has made us all very agitated or even mad
Know one knows how life will be like afterwards all we know is what it’s like now and it’s pretty effing bad

We’re locked inside by orders and advices imprisoned at home to avoid dire consequences
It’s been too many months but near a hundred thousand people’s fatalities weigh our countries actions
This will pass as everything does believe me or not it’s clinically and definitely true
Change is the only constant in the universe it’s true for me and for all of you.
Still locked inside and we’ve all about flipped a brick and want to resist it.
We’re not used to being stuck in place during the prettiest days but have no choice until everything is finally lifted.

Even when everything’s open and we escape would you ever trust a plane again?
I sense road trips are going to make a comeback and probably campers to tow then.
It’s the only way to escape and keep our distance without having to risk planes, trains or hotel rooms.
There isn’t enough Lysol in the world to make you feel better about public anything till the find a cure for all this doom.

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