Theoretical Dissolution by Alejandro N. Marrero 5/26/2020

I’ve lost my flesh and have become a wandering mist
Flowing neither here nor there in a calming eternally now abiding bliss
With the time it took to journey inside my mind my body fell apart rendered useless from the pasts and futures unkind

The essence of what was formerly held by form has been shed and now I’ve passed a veil reborn
It took renouncing everything one thinks they need collectively to be
Like egos, senses, and day or night dreams
In the now the universe breathes and there’s no separation or duality on the breeze

It took equal parts effort and surrender to sink into that infinite well
To abandon all comforts, sufferings and shed the confines of our shells
In a breath, in a mote of dust or particle of atoms
There blooms worlds, spaces and places only virtues imagine

As this formless nature travels in ten directions
It matters not where to go when guided by altruistic intentions
To be everywhere and anything existential at the same time
Beings need only abandon their egos, the causes of identifying and discover the spaciousness of an emptiness that’s full and sublime.

Now it would not serve others to leave any behind
No stone unturned no being suffering was the promises in these rhymes
With a heart of compassion not addicted to even bliss
Slowly collecting particles to gain back a form
Once the mist collects all the right parts
Half lidded eyes brighten alive with compassion and wisdom filled sparks
Time to show all beings a path to explore it’s easier now when you show them all they need is to walk through that door.

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