Melanin Judgements by Alejandro N. Marrero 5/31/2020

The world is sick and on fire as we watch the cries of victims of so many injustices
The anger, sadness has been building up for eons and spills on to our streets opposing corrupt political ignorances
Why did the amount of melanin in our skin allow those with less or a badge to sin?
Why is it fine to be tortured or treat as less than human for bronzed or pigmented skin?

We the people, a phrase that’s often cited and used.
It’s term that should include everyone not just the majority or fairly hued
Definitely never ever to be frustratingly and constantly abused.
The crowds swell because people are tired of being treated differently because of the color of their skin.
They want real justice, respect, equality, compassion and change for all their too soon departed kin

As people express their right to peacefully assemble on every street
Police continue to pepper everyone recklesslywith rubber bullets and place knees on necks without a blink or beat
This country is on fire, feet march and the situation is more than a bit dire
People are tired of being treat as less than equals, it’s built on suppression of their rights to breathe and with understandable ire
People are being punished by those wielding badges of corruption and yes power

We once were children and cared not for the colors of anyone’s skin
With young innocent eyes we held no anger or venom and didn’t disparage others from ignorance’s spins
As we grew the nature of the ignorant racists taught their immoral and sinful nature to their kin
For only the uneducated and those lacking wisdom don’t see humans but instead judge those by the melanin or hues of people’s skin.

We the people, were all created to be completely and unequivocally equal
As those with courage walk the streets with peaceful intentions and hopes for long overdue change.
For things to be reborn to being wise, sane and with less heinous acts of shame
Remember we’re not to be treated differently because of pigments, cultures or religious creed
For the fact is when it’s about color it’s all the same hue we bleed

~ End

Authors Note: This poem was written by an imperfect, flawed yet, compassion filled human. The intent is to show solidarity with those whom courageously and peacefully assemble with just cause these past days. Forgive my poor grammar and lack of formal education for any inconsistencies in my writing. My goal is and will always be for the peace and wellbeing of every sentient being.

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