Hidden Wings by Alejandro N. Marrero 6/3/2020

The wings are hidden from most everyone’s ability to see
Still they sprout and flap to catch you when you fall or we feel the need to set them free
I can’t reverse miracles and it would seem blasphemous if one could
Still it’s the hard of hearts for an angel who protecting many most definitely would

Invert the way we perceive or understand things, it’s a foreign concept but imagine if you dared
How different the colors would be not just here all around but even way up there
What once was fair is now dark and what once was dark is now white
So understand there was never any real reason for any of us to fight

I’ve always felt alone even in a crowded room of even the most cherished of friends
It’s not the way I wish I was wired but it doesn’t change the fact that absolutely everything ends
I look as often up as I do down
Still if we all were hidden angels we’d never fear the ground

Our wings are hidden from most you see
The difference is my mind is a method and a means to sprout them free
Maybe then I’d not fear any direction and turn around
After all with wings who would fear the ground?
How have we forgotten the ways to truly be free?
Is it possible we’ve all just been lied too so much it will never be possible to really look and see

I’m not an angel and this Halo is electric if you catch my drift
It’s like a shackle above my head and turns on or off in fits
Take my hand and I’ll lease you back to paradise
At least my version of it no matter what you’ll be the one throwing the dice

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