Starless Ocean by Alejandro N. Marrero 6/10/2020

Be a starless sea on an ever lasting shore
Where the light that shines above is a moon brightening the dark and more
I’m not careless of your eternal noisy midnight
If anything I’m too aware of the heaviness of your darkest singing sight
Wishing for a middle and knowing without being told what’s wrong from right

Be an endless wave of lumens in a void of constant realities
I’m tickled tan you think I’m crying every time I’ve picked through all the pieces of every tragedy
I’m not here to be your poet or give profound or wise advice
I’m an ordinary human, flawed but with words that heal or slice

Are you stuck in wanting for everlasting night time ocean needs ?
Does the salt of trails from our cheeks prove emotions genuine or real in deeds?
I’m a coil of turmoil and even once or twice a peaceful refuge.
Either way it’s how you feel when you, if you even read it that you’ll pick the mood tonight

Be that starless ocean that knocks and laps on heavens door
Be that moon pinned high and bright that illuminates the endless shore
You’re a dark or lightness depending on who you think read it first
Regardless of its meanings sometimes words do indeed quench our thirst

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