Hear No, Speak No by Alejandro N. Marrero 6/12/2020

I find myself biting my tongue and forcing musical silence into my ears
Anything to not rage out loud or be bothered while I’m busy here
It matters not if anyone’s intentions are the pure, lovely, handsome or the best
When you’re never alone sometimes you want to be productive but with much much less

I get into a zone where I’m doing the things that are sweaty but need to get perpetually done
Like yardwork on a ninety degree day pre-summer under the unusually hot spring sun
I start in the front because I’m bothered there the least and everyone sees it first
I end in the back because there’s doors there that bursts solitude at worst

I’m a complicated person there’s no real way to gage my moods
I’m either happy, peaceful, dissociative, angry or usually an aloof fool
Interrupt me at your peril because I really need the quiet of my routines
I’m no good the first hours I wake or when I’m busy it seems

I’m a ocean of memories in the drop of a breath
I can’t always handle company and sometimes that really is what’s best
When I bite my tongue and shove silencing music into my ears
It’s not the best time to interrupt me, not even benevolently I fear


Photography by Marisa Brodie

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