The Middle of Right by Alejandro N. Marrero 6/21/2020

There’s a tangle on the horizontal that feels like a sleeps surrendering sigh
It’s that feeling we don’t remember unless we’re drinking or get very high
I’m not one to be sucker punched into variables or things that tread the road of paths gone left
I’m just a human, completely flawed, flattered, alone and still adept

There’s three kinds of people that you lay you honesty with
The first is your strictly friend or inebriated Acquaintanceship
The second is your stable constant that you see as familiar ground and are always around
The third is that spark of difference that’s dramatic company sparks well contained interest even if their flattery is from out of town

I’m a bit of the middle.
It’s not a terrible place to be or let be.
It gives you all of me and all of you to live and be free
There’s a young sense of purpose in how we go forth in all our friendly gains
There’s a purity and purpose and we neglect the common for the hopes of respectful steering lanes

I’m not a stranger though I admit we meet a few.
They’re not people we’ve been born to know but they’ve been introduced to me and you
Their friends have coils of feelings sprung into bare action in side their heads
We provide good drinks, water, bathrooms and when they’ve drunk to much beds

Still think about what your starlight offers
Beyond the veil of barely lucid nights
Is it all an excuse to be fulfilled with fantasies or is it just things we want but keep out of sight
I’m comfortable in the middle as it holds the honest middle way
There’s no need to lie here because everything is done here in the light and completely in the day

So while you pine for a body and decision or life you had once remember the life you have now
It’s better than the unacquainted the paradox or inebriated flirtatious howls
For sobriety carries more truth in its weight
And inebriation May carry wishes hidden but never all of the stable above

So sleep four little dreamscapes inside our comfy house
Remember who’s kind one no matter how you feel on your way in or out
For in the end we gave you sanctuary, peace and soft beds
We only hope you rest well, Dream well and fall asleep on pillowed heads

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