Flower, Stone and Leaves by Alejandro N. Marrero 7/1/2020

An effervescence for the balance they steal and I require
A simplistic elegance of flower, stone, leaves and desires
I’m the conjurer of lists as many a thoughts evade my periphery with my lack of focus
Yet, it’s the ones dearest to me that I keep farther than the closest

I’m a cloudless sky on an evening without stars and it’s startling how bright the sky continues to freely be
With its boundless nature soaring infinitely high and endlessly
I’m still impoverished with slicing lacks of stellar visions
There’s no end or beginning however time seems to be a linear point to guide forgetful decisions

There’s a true desperation to be more than what I am or will yes one day be known for
It’s not for anyone to decide as this mind has everything and still years don’t wane for I want more
Give me that otherworldly escape in a star spangled country full of endless strife
Where fantasy becomes real and it’s a matter of leaving when magic blazes true again alight

There’s a simplicity in a pile of flowers, leaves and beautiful stones
It’s objectively beautiful but somehow it’s not everything deep or known
I’m of a faded memory the lights are dimMing behind these very eyes
Yet, all the truth I speak of cannot escape the so often spoken of worldly lies.

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