In the limitless space between thoughts exists immeasurable world systems
The fullness of the expanse that is accessed by the purest of minds many beings of light gather in coexistence
The rays of their unfettered minds shine like star beams in every luminous direction
When such a force that is free of force, at ease or settled in the permanence of a fully enlightened mind touches a shadow of discursive thoughts it’s instantly purified
The stillness is full of unending peace as their is no physical form to hinder its limitless potentiality
No addictions to the senses of touch, sight, sound, taste, scent or conceptual thinkings
With a form free of those attachments they are interconnected and abide at all places simultaneously in unending calm
The ego is gone and with it minds realize the universe’s songs
There’s no distance or time every phenomenon is directed compassionately and kind
There is no birth, old age, sickness or death for the conquerors have ascended beyond such things as self or identifying traits
There’s no up, down, black, white, darkness, light, sun, moon, or any duality one may conjure by clinging to opposites.
There’s only an endless peace and a meditative state that’s limitless in what is achieved or shared with those seeking refuge and entry on this path of realizations
Mind the forerunner of all things creates consistently the reality of its choosing with traits of compassion and omniscient wisdoms he manifestations of benevolence reign supreme
In the world systems where these beings of light exist are found everywhere there is space which the wise understand is the nature of everything
Even matter as solid as one may relatively believe is not truly solid on an ultimate or atomic level
The solidity of form is only found when one incorrectly perceives it’s solidity to be true yet it’s not an ultimate truth
Where in particles of atoms does the electron go?
There is infinite theories however it may teach one that the nature of everything is truly space or emptiness
Emptiness isn’t empty for it exists in everything so one might equally discern that it may benefit the mind to understand it as fullness or spaciousness
It’s in the space between thoughts when mind is tether-less to explore that one may find these world systems with beings enlightened and possibly perceived in forms of light
They manifest for the benefit of all beings in numerous ways to guide those across the shores of samsara to the oceans of bliss beyond the limitations of a mind ruled by thoughts
Look not with your sight, seek with no expectation, develop the mind’s strength through single pointed concentration
Meditate for these words be it profound or empty air their missive is to take you to the beyond to the places that exist everywhere all at once by gazing inwardly
May your mind be freed from the extremes of conceptual elaboration and become luminous and light.
May peace, omniscience, equanimity, kindness and compassion be your traveling guide.

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