Rain Pours On Me by Alejandro N. Marrero 7/7/2020

Rain pelts the glass above and all around our room with thunder’s roars
After an Afternoon of scorching heat I imagine my garden hungers for the clouds heavy stores
Wide awake as my anxieties quake from restlessness from painful pasts
I dream up distances or a walk away from comfort into the pounding rain while it lasts
What good will it do to leave my dry bed and find refuge in the wet breaking sky?
What if that rolling thunder is lightning in search of prey like me to strike and I die?
I know nothing of those questions but the rain still at present with force remains
Cascading down in cold torrents and hail chips that may cleanse me of unseen mental stains
An evening late with the percussion of heavy and constant rain drops
A feeling of loneliness that never for a moment seems to finish or when all consuming stops
A river of thoughts flood my fragile and yes still anxious mind from everywhere all at once
Is this my undoing, a rainstorm, thunder, lightning to highlight a brain made dunce
We sit in our dry comforts or maybe our troubles pining for our words to find purchase like the water shattering it’s forms on our window’s glass
Still everyone once in a while we get clever and remember it like all things never truly lasts
As rain and yes it’s a real storm that’s wicked and loud blankets my home
I wonder if a walk outside would truly wash me of everything that invisibly weighs me till I’m reborn
However the truth is the scars run quite deep and it’s nearly impossibly for all the wet to clean every line and crease
After a day of constant adult tasks and a scorching hot sun
I wonder if it would be fine to go stand outside and get soaked who knows it may be fun
Still I’m dry now and it’s late and I’ve yet to fall for that elusive sleep
So I’ll pretend I’m out there in the rainstorm where one could hide their weeps that un at least my mind run deep
A river of thoughts, a rain storm above, water rushing down in torrents from overburdened clouds
It’s the time to just listen, reflect deeply and enjoy the dry or the booming thunderstorm’s sounds.
My fragile mind that’s always pensive, forgetful and sometimes quite clearly lost
Is willing to dream of rain drops that nourish gardens, cleanse my soul and invite lightning no matter the cost

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