Photo by Federico Bebber

Tendrils Consumed by Alejandro N. Marrero 7/10/2020

Tendrils of smoke arise from no source and wrap my skin spontaneously following an unplanned course
It’s not been contemplated enough to understand the cause or if will choke my insides or worse
Consumed by shadows that are warm but cool to the very wrapping touch
I begin to imagine is this conjured for release or is it too dark or much?

It’s a smoke screen as my eyes lose focus and it enters my mouth and yes even my nose
My vision obscured, breathing labored and I wonder which one of these I first chose
Still greater things have wrapped me in the caressing shadows and unscripted charges
I’ve survived them all whether it’s chaos or something I myself started

A mist has taken ahold of me in its thick weaving layers
It matters not in of the delusions of it or my pleas for release or prayers
I’m an atomic weapon of mass consumption
It’s a holy thing, an American way the truth isn’t known nor it’s repetitive function
Still we’re addicts to every sense and yes sound
We pretend we’re not but face it we’ve all been long here and definitely around

Tendrils of smoke descend from my eyes and and above
I’ve not figured yet what causes it or if was the prayer answered or flaps of a white dove
All I can say is it was transient like bubbles in a spring or suds on my very naked skin
However unexpected it’s fleeting moment’s passing can make anyone’s heart sing
Now I’m pure of whatever hath consumed me priory with its touches
Still why do I worry that what happened was more than a simple nothing.

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