Exposed Embrace by Alejandro N. Marrero 7/14/2020

Shedding all my layers I walk exposed and naked into the wets embrace
Admittedly I’m prudish but I’m lost and waddle forward as shadows chase
I’m a rough sketch, embarrassed, with my tan skin enfolded by the cold
Why don’t I dive in and cover myself since my body has aged me old
Dark and light the moon my only persistent reflecting up above light
Worry slices my mind in a turmoil hidden well and far far from anyone’s sight
What a lovely night most people would say from dry and high up shores
They’re not me or even see how dirty I’ve gotten from crawling on filthy floors
I’m a paranormal romance in the chaotic fiction of my head, dreams and books
The one that’s eager for neverland but enabling unhappy thoughts and yes even weirder looks
I’m a figment of my own imagination sometimes I think this is all untrue
What if we all wake up and I’m neither me nor you are really you?
I’m an asterisk of what I thought I could have always made goals to have been.
There now, there’s still plenty of time but right now I’ve forgotten how to swim.
Shivering in the darkness of my naked and exposed paling skin
The cold seeps into my bones and I’m ashamed for letting everyone even remotely in
There’s a shadow that follows me everywhere though I’ve never learned his name
He sneaks up when I’m not looking but I know he’s touching me now it’s not a whim
Shedding all my layers I walk exposed and naked into the wets consuming embrace
Admittedly I’m selfish, lost and truly never far from forgetting everything at the quickest pace
Forgive me for the melancholy but it’s late and like usual I’m wide as hell awake
There’s my pen and paper something neurotic that no one dares to ever take
Worry not as I’ve finished up the remaining exhaustive or emotionally charged lines
I’ve put myself back together and no one noticed we can now pretend I’m fine

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