Immortal Friend by Alejandro N. Marrero 7/18/2020

Long decades past a mind so sharp we felt immortal
There was nothing anyone could say or do or any challenge that was a struggle
With a flap of my wings we rose above the mundane above it highest awe
Never imagining the higher our body’s soared the greater the sights the harder the Eventual fall

When we were young we felt quite likely invincible
We’d talk all day all into the night with sun rays to moon beams we’d not be in trouble
With the ying to my yang your mind combined with mine there was nothing we couldn’t know or discover
As we grew older people came, tried to tear us apart and separate us from yes our devotion to each other

Now decades forward and we no longer feel that boundless buoyant high that easily made us once rise
We’ve held strong, beaten the odds but life’s given us scars both on the out and even completely well hidden inside
Now we’re far far away from being neighbors, winged saviors and no where near each blessed other
There’s a distance that great yet we try our best because we love, have loved and belong as close as sisters and brothers

A perfectly flawed past where we were both so young, sharp and felt undeniably immortal
The higher we ventured the more above we felt from our worldly, persistent and constant troubles
Time wasn’t kind and though we rose higher and higher we didn’t foresee the swiftness of the approaching ground
We’re older, wiser and a bit scarred now but we still love each other even when we’re here or there but not around

When we were young we felt immortal
True or not we still have each other

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