Artist unknown

Show Yourselves Angels #poetry
By Alejandro N. Marrero 7/20/2020

There’s always time at hand for you to pause your soaring up high to below and land
There are beings who need help stranded in impossible places that yearn for your own salvation and to be cradles in your celestial hands
This fractured mind of mine wishes for divine and heavenly winged manifestations
This taxed storm of thoughts is my grey swirls of yes, unwelcome inner demonic devastations

Why do Angels always have the choice to fly
Why can’t they manifest themselves in person so we can see them with our very own eyes
Then maybe I’d believe or communally all of us would with greater conviction in their existences
Give motives and reasons for my unheard prayers their nearly constant in their ever present persistence

Greater things must matter than my broken fragile heart and lawlessly lost mind
Possibly the reason I draw breath, heart beats and I can talk is all hidden helps from the winged divine
Yet, how, oh how, I wish to see our guardian angel’s blessed faces
Would they be lovely, beautiful and inspire our true peaceful graces
Will one embrace of from their feathered wings make the pain go away
Would it heal everything wrong with me and promise me to stay

I don’t know the answers to these questions I send out into the ether
I just hope that somewhere out there someone is helped who’s just as eager and praying with the same steepled fingers

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