Blessed Nightfall by Alejandro N. Marrero 7/24/2020

I stay up way later than anyone should, but I’ve fallen in love with the silence
The world sleeps, the heat is gone and no one talks to me so I find my sweet balance
It’s a torture at times when I’m left alone to my rhymes but I rarely let it get under my skin
I’m a fan of the dark, illuminated by stars, universe’s sparks and solitude’s a definite win

It’s way past the time everyone’s given up being awake and I lie here with books and my favorite tea
The fan makes my eyes itch and my legs are a bit restless but the quiet calms he very heart of me
When most people think the world happens during the day I think of how lovely the night comforts my soul
It doesn’t matter if everyone’s tired, it’s okay if their clocks leave them uninspired I’m just happy they’ve left me alone to be whole

Now the time is getting close as I plan it perfectly to stay up to the point where I’m not bothered in even the least
Then with a couple of sedatives and an audio book on a sleep timer I’ll fall asleep mental chatter at ease or by then completely ceased
I’ll sleep in I hope with my highest of hopes so that morning is distant and when i wake half gone
Then I’ll sip on some tea and resume my writings and hopefully bothered by yup no one, none

You’d think I’m a hermit, a recluse or some person afraid of people but you’d find that all of that is quite wrong
I happen to love people and the occasional gathering as long as we smile and everyone gets along
Still it’s not healthy some say to keep yourself so locked away because coming out of your comfort zone is a win
But if that were true, what would this writer do when alone is a refuge not a terrible sin

So I stay up way late, the times gone so fast and nightfall has blessed me with sweet blessed silence
To you it may bore you or think it’s unhealthy or insane but to me it’s the right kind of balance
So sleep everyone for the moons high above and the quiet is when I’m the absolute best
Not a single word of offense, no need to pretend for when everyone’s asleep that’s when I your friend truly am blessed

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