Poisoned Air by Alejandro N. Marrero 7/23/2020

There’s a vapor in my lungs
Sometimes it’s weak most times it’s strong
I fear death less than most
It’s only because I understand the destined coast
I put poison on my skin
It keeps the bugs away on humid winds
Yet it will kill me slowly if used everyday
Sometimes I wonder why we were ever born this way
There’s a viral threat to all on earth
Matters not your age you may ride a hearse
It’s not a blessing it’s a politicized curse
We rinse and repeat but it doesn’t change it’s course
There’s a danger in the winter, spring, summer, fall and winter air
It doesn’t matter what you wear or even cares
It fills your lungs with vapors of death
It may kill you or leave your family and friends a mess
What bothers us so now is being trapped
We’ve got no way to escape or step off the tracks
We’re an hourglass stuck to the floor
The sands of time vanish like now, always and before
We rub poison on our skins
We feel it right to prevent bug’s stings
Some do it for beauty and fame
In the end we still die and always the same
With a viral threat as long as this
It matters not your anger or clenched fists
What saves the day is a breath you’re actually there for
One where you finally present and aware of
There’s a vapor in our lungs
It’s deadly, real and makes us come undone
But if you seek to find a remedy
Don’t look for love with friends choose enemies
For they challenge everything we think we know is right
Yet in the end we learn most from fright and fights
For what can an endearment truly teach you
It’s just pleasantries that never feed truth
So stop putting the poison on your skins
Stop thinking and entertaining every whim
Put down those thoughts, fears and regrets
Be the one that not only forgives but indeed forgets
Once you’re free of mental debts
You’ll truly pass life’s greatest tests
With only air being aware in your lungs
You’ll find impermanence can be undone

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