Broken Bottles by Alejandro N. Marrero 7/28/2020

We’ve all done it
Dropped the glass you see
Had a little too much and barely reacted as it shattered from a careless elbow or knee
That poison in our veins
That socially acceptable normal we covet to ease our daily pains
It’s wine, spirits and drinks on the rocks
We don’t really care because it’s legal for adults
It makes us use Uber, bike or walk home
Or you’ll get a DUI kill someone and get imprisonments with one call to phone
We’ve all done it and truly most still and will certainly continue to do
We pour the varieties in company sharing it with me and yes of course you
Had a little too much there as your voice begins to slur
Maybe you should eat something it couldn’t possibly hurt the blur
Yet, we’re complicit always getting wine
Doesn’t matter the pandemic they offer delivery to skip the Covid lines
We get loud and hyper as it flows into our veins
Never really realizing what it does to our liver, words, deeds and brain
It’s social it’s not a problem we can and do go days without
Still then the weekend comes and you drink yourself without a doubt
We’ve all done it come now you know it’s true
Be careless and reckless enough to break a glass or few
Saying we’d stay for only one hour until behold we leave at two
That poison in your clouded mind
It doesn’t matter what you say as long as you’re an adult that habits fine
So drink it up for the taxes and pay to act a fool
Remember when you stumble as long as it’s the reason you think it’s cool
We’ve all done it
Said or done the things without wine we shouldn’t of done
Yet with life’s stresses and addictions it’s what without will make us come undone
So have your alcoholic, classy and adult only drink
Just remember put that glass down once it first empties mindfully yes slowly in the sink
For if you don’t think any intoxicants are the real and genuine problem
You’ll never realize it’s the easiest fix we should endure and goal to solve them
You’ll never listen and truthfully neither will you or I
We enjoy our inebriation, our escape and liquored habit’s high
One day though when your old, gray or even poisoned in excess
You’ll wish you never did them for then you’ll recognize was best

One thought on “Broken Bottles #poetry

  1. Sorry I haven’t been on YouTube in a bit. Been busy. Hope you are coping alright. I just found out yesterday that WordPress automatically turned my notifications off for blogs I follow so I’m sorry if I’ve missed your other posts! I really like this poem. It hits really close to home and I think it will for a lot of other people living through the bullshit that is 2020. HUGS. Stay awesome, hun ❤️

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