Artwork by Valentina Remenar

Moon Born – by Alejandro N. Marrero 8/2/2020

They call us moon born we’re made of twilight skies, you’d find us where the day met nights
We were many back then if you can bend back time to way back when
Now we’re few only found in fever dreams anew and in firefly lit ponds we swam
We were the Fae our horns and skills never posed a trick or play
We bathed in forests under enchanted milky colored star filled skies
We told the truth, were honest and never ever entertained lies
They called us moon born and we loved the night
You’d find us dancing on Aurora borealis filled twilight nights
We lived in tribes and were sweet like maple sap and honey
We traded herbs, foods, magic and never cared for money
We were the Fae, concepts never stuck to us like colors, genders, straight or gay
We were the gentle forest people the trees we danced in reached higher then your steeples
We said your wishes could come true and even lent a helping hand or two
Then you tore apart our forests when your wishes came true and even them we granted them to more and more of you
Now there’s mechanical birds in our polluted skies
You stole from us the moon, stars and the endless night
Yet we don’t hate you no we don’t for we will rise again even if you won’t
Once the sun flares increase again in time, it will stop your lightning wires and we will sigh
For then with the machines gone inert they’ll no longer pollute our skies with hurt
We’ll see the stars and gods again
We’ll come back from hidden secret glades glens
We are the moon born and we’re made of twilight and night skies
We’re always honest never tricksters and never lie
We’ll rise again with the fall of man you’ll see us return the forest from the wicked’s hands
Then when the northern lights blanket our skies again
You’ll see us rise to grant better wishes then way back when
We’re the Fae made of magic and all arcane
We were many once and you thought us slain
But we are moon born this much will always be true.
One day we’ll be many, you’ll be few and yes we’ll start again anew
From twilight nights to drops of moon born dew

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