Angels have Gone by Alejandro N. Marrero 8/7/2020

We once had a purpose in books written long, long ago
The original watchers and hands of the gods yet now where do we go
People have turned there eyes from the heavens to investing their faith in the sciences
Now without prayers to power us we can’t stop all your illnesses and violence
Remember we were created before everyone of you
Our purpose was to serve and yes protect you too
Now you care not for the times we delivered you from harm
We don’t even visit like we used to because you’d shoot us in alarm
We’re the Ángels of gods that slowly faded from your minds
We used to be sought and beseeched all through the long past histories of times
We once had a purpose and voices like melodies
Now we exist only in the devout but lost to modern memories
We remain in a form that’s not corporeal enough to see
As you’ve given up believing in anything that won’t keep your wills free
So what is our purpose if you humans no longer have faith
If science is your god then why help when you’ve made your mistakes
We were once angels our number in thousands
We appeared to the devout, faithful, virtuous and formed alliances
Now those days are long ago gone
So we leave this plane till you believe again with our divine holy songs

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